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Corporate Transactional

The Startup – Business Formation

We have a passion for young companies because we like to see things grow and develop. We have helped countless new entities get their start. Our philosophy is to understand the goals and objectives of the company and to ensure that new business ventures, and the people behind them, have a clear understanding of the relevant legal issues. We work diligently and intelligently to place the company into an environment that maximizes its chances for success.

Taking Care of Business – Corporate Law

For established companies, our goals and objectives are the same as with startups, but the issues are often different. We simplify the legal process and provide affordable, high quality corporate law services so you can stick to what you do best while we handle the compliance, contractual, and other legal concerns. Smart business executives and entrepreneurs recognize the need for solid, competent legal advice that gives them the time to focus on other issues. You can look to us to handle everything from employee issues; non-disclosure agreements (NDAs); independent contractor agreements; intellectual property concerns; investor matters; buy-sell agreements and a host of related matters.

Inside/Outside General Counsel

Not everyone can afford to hire a full-time general counsel. Moreover, many companies that can afford an in-house counsel do not need one. Our clients get the greatest value from occasional guidance: identifying issues, discussing pending legal matters, and prioritizing their needs. So we provide what we feel offers the most flexibility and convenience: service as a company’s inside/outside general counsel. Together, we can help you pinpoint legal issues before they become a problem, so you can be more proactive vs. reactive.